Written by Ellen Ryan

Hamilton Aging in Community is seeking a Volunteer Program Coordinator (part-time)

Date of Posting: October 1, 2021

Who We Are

     Hamilton Aging in Community is a group of community-minded maturing adults and seniors in the Hamilton area who are committed to exploring and initiating integrated approaches to living, as we age.
    Our purpose is to build connections, foster learning and share resources that contribute to mutual support, intergenerational engagement and developing housing alternatives. Our goal is to promote healthy and resilient aging in community.
    Our group (starting in 2013) is reaching hundreds of people in our community through the website, newsletters, blogs, and events (virtual during the pandemic).

Description:  Program Coordinator

  •   To work with the leadership team to promote our theme Resilient Aging in Community
  •   To design and promote lifelong learning opportunities and collaborative events
  •   To build connections within the Hamilton intergenerational community to develop and implement engaging activities and initiatives which benefit older adults in Hamilton
  •   To strengthen Aging Together, our mutual support group (currently 50 individuals)

Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/month, less in summer.
Availability for virtual meetings and events during some weekdays, occasional evenings.

What You Bring

Experience and passion for working with older adults; Commitment to lifelong learning; Familiarity with community engagement;  A well-organized individual who has computer skills and aptitude to learn new applications; Experience with grant applications and fundraising useful.

We are seeking someone who can contribute as a peer leader to our exciting initiative.

For more information or to apply, contact Ellen Ryan, ryaneb@mcmaster.ca.

                             Website: Hamilton Aging in Community