On March 8 over 30 people gathered at Grace Lutheran Church for the launch of the Hamilton Aging in Community  website. The website is a collaborative effort between the community group Aging Together and Grace Lutheran and is designed to help seniors and caregivers locate helpful information all in one location. The website specifically targets social isolation and housing issues for seniors. This very useful website is the result of many hours of planning between Ellen Ryan, Sarah Ayerst, Pastor Loretta Jaunzarins and other members of Aging Together.

The website as it is being updated on a weekly basis with news and helpful items for seniors, caregivers and faith communities.

Who Supports the Website?

Funding came from Service Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Program, Grace Lutheran Church and private donors. In-kind donations also helped fund the creation of the website; from McMaster, including students and staff, Grace Lutheran Church and private donors.

We were especially delighted to have our Filomena Tassi, MP for Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas, here for the launch because without her support the website would never have gotten off the ground.


Next Steps

The next stage of the Hamilton Aging in Community website project will involve going on the road to introduce the website to community groups, both faith based and secular. Each group we visit will have different perspectives on how it works and what we can improve.


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