When in 2017 hurricane Irma hit, John Knox Village opened its doors to become a safe haven for staff, spouses, family members, children and neighboring seniors.


What made John Knox able to expand to shelter 343? .. normally there are only 144 residents.
The answer lies in the design of their “cottages”, their general attitude and the collaborative training of the staff.


What makes John Knox tick?

A decade ago, by the request of its residents, John Knox was redesigned following the Green House Project model. The model is based on four basic principles:

home size



staff ratio

“The Green House trademark means that the homes meet and maintain key standards, including small size, home layout, advanced staff training, and a low staff ratio.


“The bright living and dining space, filled with holiday baubles at this season. The adjacent open kitchen, where the staff is making lunch. The private bedrooms and baths. The lack of long stark corridors, medication carts and other reminders of hospital wards.


“the thing that struck me most was a man sitting alone at the communal table, having his breakfast oatmeal — at noon. The staff knows that he doesn’t like getting up or eating early in the day.


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