In Peterborough, Ontario, 33 full and associate members have committed to planning and building their own cohousing community.

Building cohousing is different than moving in with a bunch of friends. The sharing of values is probably the most important principal. You can visit your friends, enjoy their company … but when the chips are down you need to understand why you are co-owning and co-running your homes together. Enjoying friends and family can happen outside of your cohousing. You can still have them visit and certainly invite them for a fabulous cohousing pot-luck.

Kawartha Commons, like most cohousing projects, will take time. From their first meeting in 2017, they are projecting a move-in date sometime in 2023.


Quotes from the article, below:

“It takes meetings, meetings, and meetings,” laughs Donovan, when asked what needs to happen to make Peterborough’s first planned cohousing community a reality.

 “Cohousing appeals to people willing to give up a little bit of the things they claim ownership to in order to share with others,” says Kawartha Commons member Scott Donovan, an architect who served a work term in 2013 with a Massachusetts firm with a specialty in cohousing development.

Similar to condominium living in that it features small living units — in the form of detached homes or apartments — cohousing is based on the concept of an “intentional community” that has at its centre shared resources, including a common house with a kitchen and dining room for regular shared meals that residents participate in as desired.


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Kawartha Commons aims to develop and inhabit area’s first cohousing development by 2023


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