After meeting a few months ago through the Facebook group “Senior Ladies Living Together” these three Ontario ladies are preparing to make a home together.


“Senior Ladies Living Together” was started by Pat Dunn this past February.

When Pat began her Facebook group she was hoping for a bit of interest, maybe five or 10 replies. At the end of one week 58 women had joined her group. At present there are more than 600 members.

“We have to come up with creative solutions and we have to find them ourselves,” she said. “I can’t wait for the government because I don’t know how many years I’ve got left.”


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These seniors couldn’t afford living alone — so they’re becoming roommates

Carolyn Mackenzie, her dog Lucy, Pat Dunn and Faye Petherick didn’t know each other. They all met in a Facebook group Dunn created when she was searching for senior women to live with. Now they are about to become roommates. (Haydn Watters/CBC)