Resilience in Aging

Models of resilient aging focus on later life as a time of both losses and gains, a time of using lessons of long life to manage losses, a time to make the most of gains, a time of passing on lessons.  Resilience grows by shaping a meaningful life through creative learning and arts, building social connections, and continuing contributions to family and community.  These activities counter the social isolation and loneliness that threaten quality of life for so many older adults.

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About the Author:

Ellen Ryan, a gerontologist and semi-retired professor, sees later life as a time of opportunity for reflection, creativity, growth, connectedness, and contribution. She has been invited to speak about social participation and aging in community internationally and by Hamilton Council on Aging, Hamilton Third Age Learning, Hamilton Seniors Advisory Committee, Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre, Halton Seniors Advisory Committee, Na’amat Hamilton (Jewish Women’s Group), local churches, and various programs at McMaster University.

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