Please think outside the box


I am the kind of vegetarian who would much rather celebrate holiday meals without the “roast beast”, however, I am used to being outvoted during shared family festivities. Certain times during the year I tuck my preferences away and stoically ignore the ham, turkey, beef, etc. in order to enjoy the camaraderie and warmth of a shared meal.


I have become better at this tucking away of my preferences over the years to the point where I have learned how to enjoy the vegetarian qualities of carrots and potatoes that have been stewed with the meat. And I definitely don’t care that the serving spoon may have touched the meat.

However, don’t assume your vegetarian folks feel the same as me. So, ask vegetarians and folks with food sensitivities to bring a favourite dish to share, a desert, side dish or casserole.

As a vegetarian, I have always appreciated the host making room for me to bring some part of the meal, with some agreement on what that will be. I can bring lasagna, scalloped potatoes, casseroles, pies, salad; whatever will complement the meal.



These ideas may work with people who don’t share your faith

and or ethnicity, too