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Healthy Brains and Board Games

Healthy Brains and Board Games What comes to mind when you think of board games? Some of us might think back [...]

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Senior Walk: Hamilton Harbour and Bayfront Waterfront Trail

Join us as guest leader Christine Bowen from Bay Area Restoration Park (BARC) takes us on a leisurely interpretive walk on the loop around Bayfront Park. 2-3 km. Paved trail.

Senior Walk: Hamilton Harbour and Bayfront Waterfront Trail2019-12-20T17:25:44+00:00

Senior Walk: Dundas History Walk

Before the walk, join us for a tour of the museum which includes the “Wish You Were Here” display. This will be followed by a gentle walk of 2-3 km, with stops to learn about some buildings in this historic town that was once the industrial centre of Lower Canada and is beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Senior Walk: Dundas History Walk2019-11-17T20:29:39+00:00

Senior Walk: Ancaster Tree Walk

A leisurely walk of 3-4 km through one of Ancaster’s older neighbourhoods. We will be walking on sidewalks & side streets that are bounded on three sides by the Hamilton Golf and Country Club, Wilson Street and Fiddler’s Green Road. We’ll look at a neighbourhood in transition with a focus on architecture and older trees, and talk about Hamilton’s new Urban Forest Strategy.

Senior Walk: Ancaster Tree Walk2019-11-17T20:45:32+00:00