Cohousing Hamilton was founded late in 2019 with the incentive of funding through Hamilton Aging in Community and through the dedication of several visionary volunteers, under the guidance of cohousing consultants, Cohousing Options Canada (COC).

Cohousing is a form of intentional community in which people actively create a neighbourhood that combines the autonomy of privately owned individual dwellings with the advantages of shared resources and cooperative living.  The size of the community can vary but usually consists of between 10 to 35 homes, plus common space, including a large common building for shared meals and activities. Common space might include guest suites, a workshop, a yoga/exercise room, a garden, a lounge. – whatever common amenities the owners support.

Often designed to be environmentally friendly, the style of homes can vary from low-rise apartment buildings to townhomes or cottages, all in proximity to the common building – the hub of the community.  Cohousing communities value the interdependence that their community creates.

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