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Pépères Pond (1955)

Nocturne (1955)

Picking Grapes with Pépère (1955)

Young Girl Washing Dishes (1955)

Prague Spring Ends in Odessa (1968)

Through the Iron Curtain (1978)

I Long to Linger (1980)

Book Lure (1980)

Car Talk (1990)

Coffee n write (1994)

Dads Vigil (1996)

Rehab on Jerseyville Trail (2000)

Our Moving Day (2005)

Atop Georgian Bay (2007)

My Reckless Shadow (2014)

Day Dad Died (2021)

All Comforts (2021)

Tulip Life (2024)

Writing Down Our Years Book Series

Book 1: Exchanges Between Us: More Intergenerational Connections

Book 1: Foreword

Book 1: Exchanges-Inman-PoohSticks

Book 1: Exchanges-Graham-PreciousPirates

Book 2: From Me To You: Intergenerational Connections Through Storytelling

Book 2: Introduction

Book 2: Life Marks

Book 2: A Tricky Bike Ride

Book 3: It Ain’t Over Yet: Autobiographical Selections from the Writer’s Cramp Group of Dundas, Ontario

Book 3: Preface

Book 3: In The Beginning

Book 3: Rural Tales: The Beginning

Please note that Books 4-10 are available for downloading below.

Book 4: The Stone Angel Speaks: Listening to Older Women’s Voices

Book 5: The Berries are Sweeter Here: Older Women Writing Together

Book 6: You Grow Out of Winter: Poetry in Long Term Care

Book 7: Passing on the Blessing: Stories, Tips and Tools of a Family Caregiver

Book 8: Looking Through my Grandmother’s Lace Curtains: Writing to Reclaim Identity in Dementia

Book 9: This Little Light of Mine: Stories and Poetry From Family Caregivers

Book 10: Celebrating Poets Over 70