Hamilton Aging in Community

Hamilton Aging in Community (begun in 2013) is a charitable organization intended to relieve social isolation among maturing adults and seniors by promoting Resilient Aging in Community.

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What We Do

Hamilton Aging in Community aims to relieve loneliness of older adults and to promote Resilient Aging by:

  • Disseminating information
  • Providing educational presentations and small group events
  • Sustaining a mutual support group
  • Fostering intergenerational connections
  • Establishing the Mary Buzzell Scholarships

Our Team

The website team – leadership of Hamilton Aging in Community – includes Ellen Ryan, Loretta Jaunzarins, Shawn McKenzie, and Lee-Ann Holloway.


Ellen Ryan co-leads Hamilton Aging in Community. A gerontologist and semi-retired professor, she  sees later life as a time of opportunity for reflection, creativity, growth, connectedness, and contribution.  Ellen coordinates the Intergenerational Memoir Project and the Mary Buzzell Scholarship Committee.


As a recent retiree, Loretta Jaunzarins is exploring ways to develop full-bodied personal and community spirituality in a diverse world especially in the areas of aging, dying and death. She leads the Celtic Spirituality meet-up and organizes on-line learning. Loretta is a co-leader in Hamilton Aging in Community.


Dr. Shawn McKenzie serves as treasurer for Hamilton Aging in Community. Shawn is an environmental consultant, author, and lecturer in the field of ecosystem resilience to climate change. Shawn also leads online discussion groups for Hamilton Aging in Community centring on literary interests and other hobbies, including classical and sci-fi/fantasy literature and board games.

Lee-Ann Holloway is a semi-retired Sr. Project and Program Manager. Her 30 year career in the private sector primarily in Telecommunications, High Tech, and Finance industries. In the past several years, she has been volunteering her time as a board member and team lead at Cohousing Hamilton, as well as administrative support at The Bruce Trail Conservancy.