Spirituality continues to be a vital component for wellness as we age.

We are building resources for individual inspiration and strategies to support seniors in faith communities.

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In Summer of 2017, Hamilton Aging Together led three interfaith meetings to address the topic: Strengthening Connections for Older Adults through Faith Communities 

Faith Communities

Agenda for June 8, 2017 meeting

Handout for July 26 2017 meeting


Aging with Spirit Bibiliography

Aging with Spirit Bibliography

Aging with Spirit Quotations

Aging with Spirit Quotations

Positive Aging Newsletter

Positive Aging Newsletter

Spiritual Needs of Maturing Adults

Spirituality of Aging, meaningful retirement, volunteering career, websites, courses


Seniors activities, adaptations, communicating with people with disabilities, care-giving


Sharing faith, creativity, stories across generations; supporting grandparents

Community Hub

More than a Building – Reaching out to Neighbors

Meditation Gardens

Design and plant placement can sooth a stressed mind, boost serotonin and provide a space for meditation and reflection.

Death, Dying and Grief

Presence, end-of-life conversations and decisions, family support