Writing in Later Life: Legacy Letters

Writing Legacy Letters is a strategy for passing on family stories and life lessons learned. Let’s learn to write these legacy letters.

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Cohousing Hamilton Online Meeting

Cohousing Hamilton is currently looking for others to join and be part of the design and development process. We'll be hosting an Online Coffee and Conversation gathering via Zoom for anyone who would like to find out more about Cohousing in Hamilton or has questions about cohousing in general.

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The National Arts Centre – Online

Despite cancellations of in-person events, the National Arts Centre continues to engage its audience through livestreams and stories online. [...]

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HPO Musical Moments

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra is offering a specially designed program to make orchestral music more accessible for people living with dementia. This program invites participants living with early-stage dementia to a 45-minute portion of an HPO rehearsal featuring Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade followed by a discussion about the composer and music at FirstOntario Concert Hall.

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Dying seems to be more and more on our minds and talked about more and more in our communities. Death is [...]


Thriving Beyond Mid-Life

Fall 2019 Learning Series Michelle Gold is a baby boomer, with a keen interest in positive aging. Five years ago Michelle had [...]

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Artful Moments with Dementia

The Art Gallery of Hamilton is proud to have partnered with St. Peter’s Hospital and Foundation for Artful Moments, a unique program [...]

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