Housing with Foundations in Faith

Housing with Foundations in Faith Faith communities have played a central role in creating accessible and community oriented housing. Commonly, [...]

Housing with Foundations in Faith2020-11-05T01:29:02+00:00

Earth Body Soul Series – Aging with Spirit

Aging with Spirit Book Club – Participants each receive 10 minutes to present to a small group on a book or article they have been reading recently about Aging with Spirit. A few minutes is allowed for discussion of each presentation. 

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Growing Spiritually in Later Life

Two interfaith talks on Aging with Spirit will open the session. Then group leaders from different faith backgrounds will lead small groups [...]

Growing Spiritually in Later Life2019-10-22T00:46:17+00:00

Mindful Walking Among Trees

I am a walker, walking has trained me to notice. Noticing has connected me with nature. Paying attention has inspired creative writing [...]

Mindful Walking Among Trees2019-07-20T17:07:27+00:00
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