Aging in Community

Japan’s Caring Tickets

I first read about this uniquely Japanese system of mutual care support called Fureai Kippu or "Caring Tickets" in a book on [...]

Japan’s Caring Tickets 2018-05-25T00:39:52+00:00

Folk Dancing in Hamilton

As a child I remember parties both inside and outdoors, weaving between the grownups legs chasing my cousins and friends. Making a [...]

Folk Dancing in Hamilton 2018-05-18T01:36:57+00:00

Nightclub for the Elderly

“We’re the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to hospital because they’d forgotten to take their drugs." “When [...]

Nightclub for the Elderly 2018-05-11T03:26:55+00:00

Meals on Wheels Punjabi Style

This month I, along with 14 other Unitarian congregants, visited Hamilton Ontario’s Baba Budha Ji Gursikh Temple. I had no idea I was [...]

Meals on Wheels Punjabi Style 2018-04-24T23:00:34+00:00

Tiny Home Magic

I have been a student and follower of Dr Bill Thomas’ for many years. Starting in the early 1990’s Bill and his [...]

Tiny Home Magic 2018-03-30T02:51:06+00:00
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