Resilient Aging

Folk Dancing in Hamilton

As a child I remember parties both inside and outdoors, weaving between the grownups legs chasing my cousins and friends. Making a [...]

Folk Dancing in Hamilton 2018-05-18T01:36:57+00:00

Nightclub for the Elderly

“We’re the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to hospital because they’d forgotten to take their drugs." “When [...]

Nightclub for the Elderly 2018-05-11T03:26:55+00:00

Karl Kinanen Annual Public Lecture

Join Dr. Ellen Ryan as she presents "Finding a New Voice: Writing through Health Adversity" at this years Annual Karl Kinanen Public Lecture. Presented by the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging and in partnership with Hamilton Aging in Community and the Department of Health, Aging & Society at McMaster University.

Karl Kinanen Annual Public Lecture 2018-02-17T14:46:52+00:00

The Art of Writing Memoir

We discuss the art of writing memoir, excerpts from published memoirs, as well as our own goals and strategies for writing memories.  Within each session, participants will respond to writing prompts and be invited to read their work aloud.

The Art of Writing Memoir 2018-03-21T01:45:21+00:00
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