Kawartha Commons Peterborough Cohousing

In Peterborough, Ontario, 33 full and associate members have committed to planning and building their own cohousing community. Building cohousing is different [...]

Kawartha Commons Peterborough Cohousing2019-04-01T20:36:52+00:00

Golden Girls Act

Can four older and unrelated adults legally cohabit as a family without blood or marriage ties? It likely depends on your local [...]

Golden Girls Act2019-04-01T20:37:02+00:00

Second Units Info Sheet

My husband and I have been considering our future housing. One concept that keeps arising is building a secondary unit onto [...]

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Introduction to CoHousing Evergreen Community Storefront

I was pleased to hear that Hamilton was finally getting its very own CoHousing meetup and rushed to find out as much as possible, both for my own interest and for my compatriots in Aging Together.

Introduction to CoHousing Evergreen Community Storefront2019-04-01T20:15:25+00:00