Written by: Justine Levesque 

Aging is an inevitable part of life however, many of us will or are experiencing old age differently. The four-week course on Resilient Aging and Healthy Housing delivered by Hamilton Aging in Community will provide participants with strategies to use their experiences to manage the ups and downs of life and adapt to age-associated changes. This course will also highlight the importance of planning for housing in later life and the benefits of aging in community.

Week 1: Aging in Community

Participants will start by looking back on their experiences throughout the past 10 years and they will consider what changes may happen in the next 10 years. We will discuss what might be missing in their future and what things could help them get the most out of later life. During the first week, we will also look at expenses that accompany aging and the benefits of aging in the community. There will also be an overview of institutional assistance, long-term care and assisted versus independent living, and planning for affordable housing in Hamilton.

Week 2: Connection and Co-Healing

The second session will explore the importance and benefits of healthy, effective communication and social cohesion. Participants will also look at the possibilities that exist in cohousing models compared to conventional care.

Week 3: Facing Realities of Aging with Wisdom

In the third session, we will talk about what it means to be an elder and where opportunities for participation through wisdom sharing exist in the community. We will form an understanding of assisted living, long-term care and the advantages of sharing resources and activities. Participants will also learn more about the role of community in supporting elders in later life.  

Week 4: Planning Ahead, Taking Risks: Co-development and Co-design

The final session will get your feeling comfortable with taking risks for change and recognizing the risks of doing nothing. We will also help build confidence in your ability to participate in community projects. 

At the end of this four-week course, we hope you will leave feeling ready to make positive changes in your life right now and plan for challenges that age may bring. You will have learned about different types of later-life housing and the advantages of innovative housing alternatives. 

Join us Thursday, October 22nd for the first session!  (Register HERE). Come ready to interact in small groups to learn from each other.

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