Intergenerational Cardmaking Sessions for Grandparents and Grandchildren

For the past three years, members of our Aging in Community Writing Group have developed cardmaking workshops for Grandparents and Grandchildren – or more generally, for older adults and young loved ones.

We provide art materials and encourage participants to bring family photos, questions, stories, used cards, etc. With young children, the focus is on love and gratitude – choosing the recipient and enjoyment with coloured paper, markers, stickers, and bling.

Older children and teens may turn the focus to shaping brief stories of shared memories or questions for grandparents, for example, about what Mom or Dad were like as youngsters. Participants may even choose to create digital cards. In this case, older and younger people can work together to find images online, use artistic computer programs, and incorporate music or animation.

The Purpose

Our goal is to promote conversations among the generations. Communication of affection, appreciation, joy and curiosity facilitates the building of relationships. These interactions also work to foster respect between grandparents (and other older people) and grandchildren (and other young people). 

Words from Our Participants

Zdenka (grandmother): “I love the fact that you can get some uninterrupted intergenerational bonding time over an activity that is doable and so much fun for both parties. This was the best part of my summer, really.”

Hannah (granddaughter): “What I enjoyed most about today was being able to make my father cards and showing him how much I love him.”

Maureen(grandmother): “ I enjoyed laughing together! And I learned that glitter glue will drip if you stand it up!” 

Kira (granddaughter): “What I enjoyed most about today was spending time with my grandmother.”

When and Where

Workshops have been presented in an Older Adult Centre and in several branches of the Hamilton Public Library.

The Hamilton Public Library is taking on responsibility for continued sessions during PA days and March Break when grandparents are often in town to help out.

Last March Break 35 grandparents and grandchildren gathered in Ancaster Library to make holiday cards – with great energy and creativity.  Sample these.