By Allison Barrett:

Losing a beloved spouse is an experience that a great many of us will experience in our senior years. Rev. Allison Barrett became a widow at the relatively young age of 57 when her husband of almost 20 years, Dr. Peter George, President Emeritus of McMaster University, died in the spring of 2017 leaving her with two young children.

Allison’s website,  explores the feelings, challenges, insights and strategies we can use to face this huge life challenge and come through it with wisdom, strength, and love. She explores the struggles of the earliest days, what happens when the reality begins to sink in, how we integrate grief into ongoing life and the keys to moving forward with love in our hearts as well as hope for what lies ahead.

While the website is being added to over time as different stories of loss round out one person’s experience, the topics and subjects Allison explores are universal to everyone. is interactive and invites the building of community as each person shares their own journey, lessons and insights.

Check out and share your own thoughts and feelings with the community of souls who love and have lost.”