Written by Jasminder Khehra

The internet can seem like a vast and endless space, filled with so many sites and digital tools to explore. However, it comes with its own risks. In this post, let’s go over some key ways on how to stay safe on the internet while using it effectively.

#1: Never Share Personal Data. It is important to never give out any personal details about yourself online to emails or websites. This includes personal information such as name birthdate, address, personal ID numbers, and phone number. Always verify when online sites ask for personal information, even if they seem to be trustworthy and secure. 

#2: Create Strong Passwords. Passwords are necessary for various online sites and it is important to have a password that will not be breached. To create a strong password, never use any personal details within it and make sure to include a variety of symbols, letters and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Do not use the same password for all of your online accounts. Check out this video on how to create a strong password.

#3: Look Out For Email Scams. There are many scammers out there who will send emails containing exciting opportunities or threats that require you to click on unsafe links or provide personal information. Do not respond to or engage with unknown email addresses. Here is an article on how to decipher which types of emails are scams.

#4: Keep Your Computer’s Software Updated. In order to protect your personal data, make sure your computer is updated with the latest software. This will help keep hackers out and protect your privacy. If you need assistance with updating your computer, you can ask a friend or family member for help. Here is an article on how to update computer software for different operating systems.

#5: Avoid Website Malware. Some websites that you may visit online can show up with pop-up advertisements or warnings. These pop-ups usually are nothing to worry about but some can contain malicious content. Do not click on pop-ups that urge you to install some sort of software or saying that you have won something as they are scams. Simply close the window or tab immediately.

For more resources on how to stay safe online, check out TechServe’s 8 Tips for Browsing the Internet article.