Written by Jasminder Khehra

To continue the digital literacy series, let’s take a look at how to find senior services online. The internet is a great place to locate services centred on seniors that will assist in the betterment of their daily lives. 

In order to find senior services online, you can simply type into Google or any available search engine “senior services” and the region you reside in. The search engine will then provide a number of relevant results regarding the available senior services in your region that you can look through. To narrow the type of senior services you need, you can add it to your search (ex. “housing senior services Hamilton”).

However, when looking through online senior services, it is important to be wary of scams and/or illegitimate services. Keep an eye out for sites that ask you to provide financial information, have outdated designs or unsecured connections, and/or do not have any contact information listed. For more information regarding scam websites, click here.

General Resources


Here is a list of online sites that provide a variety of senior services and other related resources:

There are many services available for seniors in Canada and they can be utilized in a way to focus specifically on an individual’s needs. It is essential to only consult legitimate sites and to identify which ones are scams. The support you need is only a click away!