Hi there! My name is Jasminder Khehra and I am a student volunteer for Hamilton Aging in Community. I help out with the communications and tech aspects within the organization, such as updating the website, formatting and uploading blog posts, managing the social media platforms, and creating newsletters and flyers. It has been a wonderful opportunity so far and I have been learning so much about housing alternatives and the numerous benefits they offer to older adults.

Currently, I am a second-year student at McMaster University in the process of achieving a double major in Communication Studies and Health & Society. My interests in understanding the complex communication and health practices in the world today have led me to study in this specialized program. I am interested in the everchanging trends of the virtual world and how this translates into the social world, specifically with policymaking, journalism, education, and in our everyday lives. 

My Health & Society program develops upon this awareness by exploring the innovative technological advancements in the healthcare field while also highlighting the current inequalities that exist in the field. Through my volunteer experience with HAC, I am gaining knowledge in both the communications field and the health discipline.

In this volunteer profile, I would like to bring attention to two relevant technology resources available to seniors in Hamilton. These resources are designed to assist seniors with technology issues and there is also an opportunity for youths to volunteer within these resources.



Cyber-Seniors is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide which cuts off seniors from new computer and smartphone applications and to connect generations through the usage of technology. Through its low-cost, effective, and sustainable youth volunteer model, Cyber-Seniors provides tech-training for senior citizens that allows them to become more tech-savvy and encourages community engagement.

Youth volunteers are provided with instructions and training to become digital mentors, and this type of volunteering builds a foundation for intergenerational connections within communities. Seniors can book one-on-one appointments with youth volunteers and can also sign up for daily webinars about technology issues.

For more information, check out this article on how Cyber-Seniors has assisted Seniors in Hamilton during the pandemic and click here to visit their website.



Founded in April 2020, TechServeTO’s mission is to assist seniors with technological issues across Canada. At the beginning of the pandemic, seniors were having trouble virtually connecting with family and friends. As a nonprofit organization, TechServeTO aims to improve the daily lives of seniors by providing technological help during the pandemic and post-pandemic through digitally-enabled volunteers.

Seniors can access these technological services through one-on-one services, workshops in partnerships with older adults’ associations, and financial literacy resources. As a TechServeTO volunteer, I can see the positive impact these services have on seniors and it is a great way to give back to the community.

To learn more about TechServeTO and its services, click here. To learn how to become a TechServeTOvolunteer, click here.